Online Natural Dye Sources

The following websites have natural dye stuffs and mordants for sale and/or information about using dye plants. They are listed in alphabetical order.

Please note, since I started this blog in 2011, the popularity of natural dyeing has grown by leaps and bounds. This is definitely not an exhaustive list! Please email me with suggestions to add.

Aurora Silk
Cheryl Kolander’s very informative website (based in Portland, OR) with supplies for sale, and helpful FAQs and how-to instructions.

Botanical Colors
Based in Seattle, this website features extensive information about natural dyeing techniques, an archive of videos, and a wide variety of dye plants, mordants, etc.

Earth Guild
Asheville, NC source for natural dye materials and on-line instructions (downloadable PDFs).

Seattle based company founded by Michele Wipplinger. Earthues has developed a line of extracts and other products from fair-trade sources around the world. They have conducted extensive laboratory testing and research and offer very reliable guidelines for natural dyeing procedures.

Founded by Rebecca Burgess in California and now a worldwide movement, Fibershed is creating regional fiber and textile systems rooted in practices that build soil, nurture community relationships, and protect the health of our biosphere. Their website contains useful information about growing and using Japanese indigo and other dyes plants.

Fiery Felts
Based in Wales, Helen Melvin has self-published a number of books on natural dyeing which you can purchase and download from her site.

Griffin Dyeworks
“Ancient. Medieval. Modern. Handmade” in Southern California.

India Flint
Australian eco-dyer India Flint’s website.

Kimberly Baxter Packwood
Great information on using natural dyes for surface design on cloth.

Long Ridge Farm
Nancy Zeller is New Hamsphire-based vendor of Earthues products as well as other natural dye materials, shepherd, knitter, artist, and otherwise inspiring person.

Based in Canada, this organization promotes artisans around the world and has produced some fascinating documentaries about traditional natural dyes. They offer a wealth of resources and guides on line and sell a wide variety of natural dyes and dyeing supplies.

Stony Creek Colors
Stony Creek produces traceable US-grown indigo on a large scale. They are currently only selling their pre-reduced indigo on their online store, but their website still has some informative instructional videos and dye recipes.

Wild Colours
Teresinha Roberts (based in the UK) has assembled a very informative website for growing and using dye plants. She has a wealth of information and a lot of useful links.

Woad Centre
A fun site with a lot of good information about woad, which can be grown in my climate in the Northeastern USA.

The Woolery
Based in Kentucky, the Woolery sells natural dyes and dyeplant seeds, as well as a wide variety of other fiber products.