Cat in the Flax

Last week I did a fiber and spinning lesson in my old classroom, as part of their study of Colonial New England. I brought along a wide variety of natural fibers in different stages of processing, including flax. Afterwards, when I went to put away the bundles of retted and broken flax, the cat immediately jumped into the container. She likes to jump into all kinds of baskets and boxes, especially newly opened ones or ones which aren’t usually there, which prompts the phrase, “Pippi in a basket!” Our cat is officially named Smitten, but a long time ago she got the nickname Pippi, which is what we usually call her, or sometimes the Pippi. Even though she’s the only one, Pippi is also a general category, as in “Pippies like meat pie.” We are the monkeys. Our household consists of Pippies and monkeys.

First the Pippi sat in the corner, surveying the scene.

Pippi in a basketNext she pawed the flax.

Pippi paws flaxThen she noticed the suspicious rope that I use to hold the box closed, which must be attacked.

Pippi prepares to attack

Pippi eyes the rope

Matthew obliged by animating the rope.

Pippi fights rope

rope battle

There was a battle. The Pippi won.

Pippi wins

She licked and chewed a few strands of flax, then settled in to rest after her victory.

Pippi settles in

She was annoyed by monkeys trying to sneak up on her with a camera to get a photo of her while she was asleep.

Pippi is annoyed

Just doing my part to spread photos of cats via the internet.