New Hop Vine Books

I have sewn up a few more books with the Hop Vine pattern on the cover. One was actually sewn in Maryland on February 20th, where I was visiting my sister who is about to have her second baby. From there it was promptly mailed off to Arizona, from whence it will travel to Ohio. Not a carbon-neutral book, alas. However, it was blessed by the paw of the Pippi, so I’m sure its sins are forgiven.

Often when I am working on something involving glue or paper or yarn, the cat jumps up to “help.” At least, that’s what we always say. “Pippi likes to help.” Then we say, “Don’t help, Pippi!” In this case, though, I was happy she was helping. Because….

Our beloved Pippi (aka Smitten) was very ill back in mid-February and had to stay at the vet for several days. When she came home she was thin and bony and not at all her usual energetic self. In case she needed to be re-admitted, the vet left the tube in her front leg through which they had been giving her fluids and medicine. Even after she came home, she had that in her leg for more than a week. This didn’t ease our minds with regard to her prognosis. However, she did improve, and began to get her appetite and her energy back. So, when she jumped up on the desk to “help” while I was punching holes in the cover and the signatures before I packed up to go to Maryland, I didn’t mind at all!

Here is her cute head. Because she is the cutest Pippi ever.


Her paw while she tries to help.


Here’s her paw and legs, where you can see the bandage over her IV tube.


Luckily she is much, much better now. We have fattened her back up and she is mostly back to her usual tricks.