Deciding on Colors for a New Rya

The other day I was trying to decide on colors for my next rya. My show at the Shelburne Arts Co-op goes up on October 1st, so the time is growing short. Plus, school is starting soon, which means much less time for weaving. I felt the need to get a sense of the work that I’d made thus far, so I spread the ryas out on the bed. Then I stood on a chair to get a good look. And here they are!

ryas on the bed more ryas on the bed

Then of course I had to dump a ton of yarns onto the bed and see what resonated with the collection as a whole. I ended up choosing another combination of oranges with greens at the center, this time, rather than the brown and blue combo I did before.

Here’s how it’s looking thus far. There will be a little more yellow-orange before I start using the greens that you see above the woven area on the warp.

orange and green rya

The oranges, including the tan and yellow-orange, are all from orange cosmos. The pale green on the far left is from sunflowers, and the rest of the greens are yellows from goldenrod overdyed with woad.