Hemming and Hanging

Over the past week or two I tied half-damascus knots to secure the warp ends on my ryas and hemmed them all. It took a long time, and even though I was very careful, they’re more on the “organic” side of a straight line than the “geometric” side. But they are still awesome.

Our cat Smitten, also known as Pippi or The Pippi, has been very unwell lately and not at all up to her usual high jinks. So, it was a pleasant surprise when she jumped up on the desk to “help” me hem this rya. Pippi likes to help, even when she’s feeling poorly. Here she is looking comfy and not wanting to be moved.

Pippi helps with the hemming

On Tuesday, Amanda and I hung our show at the co-op along with the help of several other co-op members. Many thanks to the skillful team headed up by Sandy Denis for their assistance and for arranging our two very different media in a striking and unified way. Here are Sandy, Amanda, and Sarah planning out part of the wall.

Sandy, Amanda and Sarah

Here Amanda contemplates our next steps.

Amanda considers the wall

Here, Lynn is hanging up a rya in the hallway between the co-op and the Baker’s Oven next door. This piece is the only one that was not made expressly for Animal, Vegetable, Mineral. It was one of the pieces I made for my Master Weaver certificate. It is also the only piece in the show that does not use natural dyes.

Lynn Perry on a ladder

So, the show is up and it looks fabulous!