Flax Is Up!

Well, apparently I have to include a lot of exclamation points in this flax growing experiment. I will cut that out. But it’s so exciting!

The flax began emerging on Friday April 20th. The first two to emerge were the Evelin at Amethyst Farm and the Marilyn at our community garden. That’s five days to germinate. By the next day, Saturday April 21st, everything was up everywhere. That’s six days. Not bad.

Here’s the progress as of yesterday, Tuesday April 24th (the 9th day since planting). My sense is that the generic variety did not have a very good germination rate. I will try to figure out an accurate way to estimate or calculate that, but the growth of the v.n.s. seedlings looks much more sparse than the other two. Another possibility is that the golden v.n.s. seeds on average weighed more than the brown seeded varieties, so that I actually planted fewer golden seeds even though the amount weighed the same. Maybe I should have done it by volume rather than weight. I will try to figure this out, also.

Here is an overview of part of the v.n.s. bed at Small Ones Farm, and below that, a close-up of a bald spot. To some extent, of course, bald spots are my fault for not sowing evenly.Small Ones vns overview

Small Ones vns bald spotsHowever, I think it is also because a lot of seeds just didn’t germinate. Here’s a closeup of v.n.s. seedlings at Small Ones Farm.

Small Ones vns close upBelow is an over-view of part of the Evelin bed at Small Ones Farm. Below that, you can see there were also bald spots in the Evelin, but I don’t think they were as big.

Small Ones Evelin overview

Small Ones Evelin not so baldAnd here’s a close-up of the Evelin at Small Ones Farm.

Small Ones Evelin close-upMoving on to Amethyst Farm, here is the v.n.s. at a distance, closer (yeah, not much there), and very close:

Amethyst Farm vns overview

Amethyst Farm vns bald spot

Amethyst Farm vns close-upHere’s the Evelin at Amethyst Farm, overview, then closer, then a close-up:

Amethyst Farm Evelin over-view

Amethyst Farm Evelin medium bald

Amethyst Farm Evelin close-up

And at our community garden, the v.n.s. (the holes are dog prints):

Amethyst Brook vns over-view

Amethyst Brook vns sparse but fewer big bald spots

Amethyst Brook vns close-upHere’s the Evelin at the community garden:

Amethyst Brook Evelin over-view

Amethyst Brook Evelin small bald bit

Amethyst Brook Evelin close-upAnd here is the Marilyn (the only treated seed I planted) at the community garden:

Amethyst Brook Marilyn over-view

Amethyst Brook Marilyn not bald

Amethyst Brook Marilyn close-upAnd that is the flax update. Stay tuned for future flax-growing excitement featuring visual aids such as rulers and a string grid (maybe 6 by 6 square inches) to count plant density. Woo hoo!