Cat Nap Beds or Crop Circles

Last week when I went to check on the flax at Small Ones Farm, their barn cat, Squeak, was lolling about in the flax bed as if it was the perfect place to nap, or perhaps hunt mice. Or just to hang out. Flax does have a strong smell, even while it’s growing (and stronger still while it’s drying). Maybe it’s appealing in a catnip-like way. Who knows. Anyway, here’s Squeak in the flax.

Squeak in flax

I have several other photos, but this is pretty cute.

Then, later in the day, I went to check on the flax at Amethyst Farm, and I saw something furry and grey running away in the narrow path between the flax bed and the tall field growth that’s grown up next to it (lamb’s quarters, plantain, bedstraw, grasses, etc.). My camera was not at the ready, alas, to catch this grey blur. However, here was the interesting spot it left behind.

cat nap circle

This is not lodging. Something grey and furry made a little bed for itself. Unless it’s the least complex crop circle ever. If it’s a crop circle, I am not impressed by the technical prowess, geometric aesthetic, nor expressive poetry of its maker.

I believe these are the possible culprits, relaxing suspiciously a few minutes later in the cool shade under one of the hay wagons.

Amethyst cats

I’m not sure which was the grey streak whose back I glimpsed running away. But I think my crop circle was cat-shaped.

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