Woad is Glorious

My woad beds are looking fantastic! I am very pleased about this. For the past couple summers, the woad plants at Amethyst Brook have been small and feeble compared to the woad I grew up at the dye- and fiber-plant garden at Bramble Hill Farm. This year the garden at Bramble Hill has been sadly neglected (well, I’ve been distracted by multiple flax plots), so the community garden is my sole source of woad. Consequently, I made an extra effort to add plenty of composted manure before planting this year. And ta-da, success. Here is one bed before I weeded it the other day:

woad bedI happened to be at the garden at just the right time to capture these lovely images of dew droplets suspended from the edges of the woad leaves:

dew on woad 4

dew on woad 3

dew on woad 2

dew on woad 1

It is ready to use, and I am busily winding and scouring skeins of wool for my first woad vat of 2012.