More Flax Blossoms

Well, two months after planting, all the flax is blooming. This is exactly as it should be, and is very reassuring in a year when plants are otherwise not synched up with my sense of when they should be blooming (Queen Anne’s Lace already in bloom? What? Chicory??? No!!!). But, more on this later….

Back to flax news! At Amethyst Brook and Small Ones Farm, the v.n.s. wins the prize for most prolific flowers compared to Evelin and Marylin, at least at this point, at least at the times of day that I’ve observed the plants. At Amethyst Farm, I do not not observe a big difference in the number of flowers blooming between the v.n.s and Evelin, but there is a difference in height, as you will see in a moment.

Here are the plants at Small Ones Farm, as of yesterday morning, June 15th (exactly two months since planting). First, the tallest v.n.s. plants, at just over 22 inches high:

vns Small Ones 22 inches high Small Ones v.n.s. plants that are a bit shorter, at 16 and a half inches:vns Small Ones 16 inches highSmall Ones v.n.s. shorties, a mere 12 inches tall:

vns Small Ones 12 inchesNext, the tallest Evelin at Small Ones Farm (~32 inches):

Evelin Small One farm 32 inchesSmall Ones Evelin at 19 inches:

Evelin Small Ones 19 inchesEvelin overall at Small Ones, though, is not heavy with blossoms, and is a bit thinner than I expected:

Evelin Small Ones no flowersOK, moving on to Amethyst Farm. These photos were taken this morning, June 16th (happy birthday, Seth!). First, an overview photo to show the height difference between the v.n.s. and the Evelin (the v.n.s. is in the foreground):

Amethyst Farm height differenceBoth are blooming beautifully. Here’s the Evelin, which is over 36 inches tall, but not in focus or even in the frame, I admit:

Evelin Amethyst Farm tallHere’s the taller v.n.s at Amethyst Farm, at almost 31 inches:

vns 31 inches Amethyst FarmAnd, not a big difference, v.n.s. at Amethyst Farm at 28+ inches high.

vns Amethyst Farm 28 inches OK, I think that is it for tonight, but stay tuned for a special bee post tomorrow!