Photographing Bees

I have been impressed with how many bees I see at every plot, even though only Amethyst Farm actually has honey bee hives on the property. I enjoy their little buzzing sounds, which are as soothing and blissful as a cat’s purr. I love watching them bumble up and down, and the way a flower head droops down when the bee lands. Happy bees feasting in flowers is quintessential summertime.

However, attempting to photograph bees visiting the flax flowers is like photographing fairies. I have always had a fondness for mysterious creatures such as Big Foot and the Loch Ness Monster, and have always felt sympathetic about the difficulties of photographing such elusive beings. However, getting photographic proof that the bees are actually there in the flax is proving to be as challenging as getting a clear shot of Nessie. I take photos of where the bee *was* but of course in the time that it takes to actually take the photo, the bee has moved on. And then there’s the fact that the camera will focus on other things besides the bee…. Here are some attempts:

vns Amethyst Farm no bee

Hmm, no bee at all.

Amethyst Farm bee 1

Ooh, there’s a bee! It’s getting ready to land!

Amethyst Farm bee barely

This bee almost got away, but I managed to catch it right in the corner of the frame. Or it could just be a blob.

Amethyst Farm where's Bee-waldo

This bee is blurry.

vns Small Ones bee

This bee has a heart on its back. No one is going to believe that.

Amethyst Farm bee proof

Here are the bee hives at Amethyst Farm, which is as much proof as I can muster that there really are bees in the flax.