Flax Blossom Image Gallery

Happy Solstice to all! Here in Amherst it is a sweltering, bright, gloriously sunny day. Flax is in full bloom. Even though hot weather is not necessarily to flax’s liking, it has been looking stately and graceful over the past several days. I’ve been giving it extra water for encouragement.

I find flax in bloom to be unspeakably beautiful–the sweet little five-petaled structure and luminous blue color of the flowers themselves, and the way the flowers and the bright green foliage of the plants vibrate and glow together. I have taken ridiculous numbers of photographs trying to capture the exhilarating feeling of the plants and blossoms. Here are some close-ups:

flax blossom closeup 1

flax blossom closeup 2

flax blossom closeup 3

Even when the petals fall off, they form a beautiful carpet of blue on the ground.

fallen flax petals

Here’s the image from our summer solstice greeting this year. I think it captures the radiance and joyousness of the flax on this longest day of the year.

summer solstice 2012 cropped



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