Easter Egg

Today I wove the wood thrush’s “egg” part of my nest-like rya. The egg is dyed with woad and Queen Anne’s Lace. The nest is dyed with black walnut. The darkest shade of brown right around the egg is hand-spun naturally brown Romney singles combined with my darkest shade of black walnut. Romney is a breed of sheep. I bought a huge bittersweet chocolate colored fleece many years ago at the Webs Fleece Market, but alas I can’t remember who I bought it from.

Row one:

egg row one

Row two:

egg row two

Row three:

egg row three

Until this point I had been planning to have the wide part of the egg on the bottom and the pointy part on the top. However, the bottom sure looked pointy. So I kept going and re-drew the design to have the widest part at the top. I adjusted it row by row, since I wasn’t really sure how it would look.

Row four:

egg row four

I later changed row four to have ten knots of blue-green instead of eight.

And the top of the egg:

the end of the egg

Ta da. My Easter egg.